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Park Howell - InstagramTargeting the Reptilian Brain

When his son left for film school, Park Howell became very curious about his education as it related to storytelling. As a result, Park began studying and researching storytelling until he understood its underpinnings in our subconscious and reptilian brain. 

After finding Joseph Campbell’s, “A Hero’s Journey,” which outlines a 12-step process in our universal storytelling formula, Park condensed these ideas and themes into a 10-step story cycle process for businesses.

Park’s main hypothesis is that the human brain only does anything in the interest of survival. He believes that storytelling is just another form of survival that garners you power, attention, and respect. By telling personal stories, especially ones that highlight flaws, failures, and vulnerability, we gain the trust of our audience.

People seek to learn from our mistakes, thereby avoiding similar pitfalls.

Thus, Park encourages businesses to focus on humanizing their process, noting that “B2B marketing” is a misnomer because businesses don’t sell to businesses; they sell to people. He contends that they best way to create a bond with a consumer is to build empathy and grab attention by revealing our weaknesses. He encourages all professionals to get in touch with their feelings. This may seem like fluffy stuff to some, but it’s all in the name of some not so fluffy concepts: survival and success.

A brother from a similar mother, Park Howell also runs a podcast under Jay Baer’s Convince & Convert umbrella: The Business of Story Podcast.

Listen in as Park explains how to use storytelli…

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