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A recurring theme I hear among paid social pros is the measurement discrepancy between Facebook and Google Analytics.

People seem to have a really hard time matching up what’s happening with campaigns on Facebook and subsequent engagement, as measured by their analytics platform of choice (including – but not limited to – Google Analytics).

Some people go as far as claiming that this is systematic click fraud perpetrated by Facebook. This is highly unlikely, for all kinds of obvious reasons. However, there is a clear problem.

The good news is that you can do something about it.

Third party tools use different measurement techniques, so aligning two platforms perfectly is pretty much impossible. But you can get much closer.

If your data looks way off, then it’s probably linked to at least one of the following reasons. Check and doublecheck to see if you can narrow the measurement gap.

Do let me know if there are other reasons for the discrepancies in the comments section below, or if any of these things help you.

1) Your measurement window is screwy

By default Facebook sets the window to one-day after an ad was viewed, or a 28-day post-click window. If this isn’t what you want to track, then you should change your settings.

2) You’re measuring conversions on a last click basis

This isn’t how Facebook does it, so you’re measuring different things.

Facebook says:

“Third-party platforms capture conversions that resulted from a direct referral. Even if you created a campaign using URL parameters to track the link used in your ad, third parties identify those last-clicks, or linear conversions, where the user clicked an ad and immediately converted.”

Facebook aside, it’s definitely time to start attributing performance across channels, rather than focusing on the last click in the user journey.

3) You have pixel implementation issues

Perhaps your tech …

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