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11 Things Donald Trump Stole From the Gary Vaynerchuk Playbook

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Donald Trump’s machinations are routinely described as “shocking” and “revolutionary” by political observers. They claim he has “reinvented modern politics.” And maybe he has.

But when you remove Trump’s (and to a certain degree, Bernie’s) actions from the context of campaigns and elections, they are neither shocking nor revolutionary. Certainly not to us business and marketing types, who have seen Gary Vaynerchuk use very similar tactics as career propellants. 

You may be able to come up with more (leave them in the comments) but here are 11 similarities between The Donald and The Gary. Did Trump go to school on Vaynerchuk’s style? Or vice versa? Or just a lot of coincidences?

Regardless, these 11 parallels are striking:

They Speak With You Instead of At You

I’ve come into contact with a lot of people over the years who have interacted with Gary Vaynerchuk at some point. They all same the same thing: “I know Gary Vaynerchuk.” They never say, “I’ve met Gary Vaynerchuk.”

This is because Gary (and Donald Trump) share a superpower in their ability to make people feel like they are having a private conversation with them, even in a crowded room. This is the gift of intimacy through attention, and it’s a rare one. (Chris Brogan has it too.)

They all are incredibly present and in-the-moment when interacting with others and it creates a visceral, lasting impact.

They Use Simple Language

Authenticity isn’t a vocabulary contest.

Gary and The Donald…

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