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As it’s now February, let’s take a look back at January’s most interesting online stats that will perhaps point you in the right direction for what to expect for the rest of the year.

Here we have everything from display ad spend, ‘peak tech’, in-app customer care, data failure, ad blockers to native ads and the true value of brand activity on social.

Nearly half the world is online

And almost one-third of the world uses social media, according to We Are Social’s latest global snapshot.

The key statistics for digital, social, and mobile media in 2016 are:

3.42 billion internet users, equaling 46% global penetration
2.31 billion social media users, delivering 31% global penetration
3.79 billion unique mobile users, representing 51% global penetration
1.97 billion mobile social media users, equating to 27% global penetration


US display ad spend will overtake search ad spend in 2016

eMarketer revealed that digital display ad spend will surpass search ad spend in the US for the first time ever in 2016. The categories of video, sponsorships, rich media and “banners and other” will account for the largest share of digital ad spending (47.9% – worth $32.17 billion). Within the display category, one in five dollars budgeted will go to “banners and other”

You don’t need that new iPhone, we’ve reached ‘peak tech’

Research from the 2016 Accenture Digital Consumer Survey reveals that consumer demand for new tech is stalling. Sales of smartphones, tablets and laptops are sluggish and demand for internet of things (IoT) enabled devices isn’t growing fast enough to “offset

Accenture polled more than 28,000 consumers in 28 countries and found that 48% of peo…

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