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Social media and email marketing are the two most popular digital marketing methods used today, but are they working together or against each other?

Social media and email marketingResearch by Gigaom shows us that 86% of digital marketers use email marketing and 72% use social media. These were the two most popular tactics, coming out ahead of SEO (70%), content marketing (64%) and display advertising (53%). Perhaps it’s because of this that I’ve seen a lot of talk about which of the two methods is the most effective and which one delivers the best return on investment.

By treating them up in this way, with each tactic trying to out-perform the other, a lot of marketers are missing a huge opportunity. Instead, we should be considering how one channel can filter into the other and how each of them can play to their individual strengths as part of an integrated marketing campaign. For instance, using social media is a great way to build a targeted mailing list, whilst email is a very effective tool for turning engaged fans and followers into buyers.

In a new infographic, Constant Contact has reached out to 13 experts in digital marketing and collected their top tips for integrating social media and email marketing. It contains some extremely valuable advice on how to map opportunities at different points in the customer lifecycle, how to attribute results, how to target email subscribers on social media and much more.

Infographic: 13 Tips for Integrating Social Media and Email Marketing

If you have a tip that didn’t make the list please let us know in the comments. You can also register for a webinar on this topic, which takes place on October 28th and features Luke Brynley-Jones and Kath Pay. Click here for all the details.

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