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Customer service is being disrupted in the same ways that marketing has been disrupted: mobile, social, Millennial behavior shifts. We talk about marketing disruption A LOT. We talk about customer service disruption just a little.

As a result, most companies are using 1995 playbooks to solve modern customer service issues. We have to do better.

hyh-bookMy friends at PixelRoadDesigns.com created this outstanding infographic that collects 23 statistics – many of them from my new book, Hug Your Haters – about why and how customer service needs to change NOW.

Here are the 23 Statistics That Show Why Customer Service Mostly Sucks in bullet point form, for easier tweeting. (just highlight the bullet to tweet)

(data with a ** is proprietary research I conducted with Edison Research exclusively for Hug Your Haters)

80% of business think they deliver superior customer service
8% of customers think businesses deliver superior customer service
62% of customers report having to contact a business multiple times to resolve an issue
62% of complaints are made first via phone or email **
When consumers complain on the phone, 91% of them expect a response **
Just 67% of complainers are satisfied with telephone response time from businesses **
Not answering a telephone complaint decreases customer advocacy by 51% **
61% of people who complain via email are satisfied with businesses’ response time **
Average time it take businesses to respond to an email complaint = 44 hours
More than 60% of businesses say they are unable to solve social media complaints in one response
Only 48% of online complainers are seeking help. The rest are venting, or seeking vengeance
Only 32% of social media c…

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