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3 Banner Ad Best Practices Debunked

Advertising has always been about creativity and addressing the pain points of your consumers, and it still is today. Throughout the years, advertisers have developed guidelines for most industries (including banner advertising), and those guidelines are often regarded as absolute by any advertising professional.

Rarely do we question the so-called “best practices” of advertising, and when problems start to come up (not enough conversions, bad CTR, etc.), people often look for solutions in the wrong places, disregarding what’s right under their nose.

Although there are hard-and-fast guidelines that should be followed, ad design is something that simply cannot have a universal standard. It will always be different depending on the industry, and you need to tailor it to your brand and audience.

Below are three banner ad best practices that should be avoided in some cases, depending on the industry, brand, and audience.

1. Always Include Visuals, Images, or Photos in Banner Ads

It’s a widely accepted fact that visuals in banner ads increase the overall performance of the ad, compared to ads with no images. While this really is true for consumer-centered brands (where the visual shows people using, wearing, eating, interacting with, or enjoying the product), B2B businesses or service providers might not benefit from visuals as much. In fact, the image might end up doing more harm than good.

This all depends on the visual and the context. You need to make sure that your image is truly related to your industry and brand. If you organize wedding ceremonies, photos of brides wearing a wedding dress will surely be great, but if you are a CRM…

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