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3 Quick Ways to Drive Conversions on Pinterest

If you aren’t marketing on Pinterest already, you may be missing out on potentially significant business opportunities. Just consider the following statistics:

As of September 2015, there are 100 million users (and counting) on Pinterest.
Users pin over 3,400 images a minute. More than 80 percent of pins are re-pins.
By 2019, the number of Pinterest users in the U.S. alone will reach 59.3 million, representing almost 30 percent of American social networkers, predicts eMarketer.


eMarketer Pinterest data

Image via eMarketer

The users on Pinterest are also shoppers. A study conducted by Shopify reveals that Pinterest users are 10 percent more likely to make a purchase than users referred from other social media sites. The study also indicates that 93 percent of Pinterest users use it to plan future purchases. A Convertro study indicates that Pinterest drives more revenue per click than Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network. (highlight to tweet)

According to findings by a Pew Research study, over one-fifth of U.S. adults use Pinterest as a visual discovery tool. The study also found that although female users dominate Pinterest, the number of men (13 percent as of 2015) using it for photo sharing is also quickly increasing.

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