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Need some new social media marketing ideas?

Looking for ways to jumpstart your engagement?

Whether your goal is to spread awareness or grow your audience, better engagement is your key to success.

In this article you’ll discover three ways to improve engagement for your social media accounts.

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#1: Personalize Your Approach
Your audience is the greatest asset for your campaign. To run a successful social campaign with plenty of engagement, you have to know your audience and what they’re likely to respond to and enjoy.

To gain these insights, you’ll need to do some research. Find out which social media channels the people you want to reach spend the most time on. Discover what topics they care about and what hashtags they use.

Don’t just listen to your audience, but communicate with them. When you show your fans that you’re interested and you care, and they’ll show you what makes them happy. Once you know what they’re looking for, you can launch a social media campaign that they’ll embrace.

Many brands have leveraged Pinterest to run successful social campaigns, including Kotex’s Woman’s Inspiration Day. The company looked at the Pinterest boards for 50 inspiring women to see what interested them.


Kotex then brought their inspirations to life by creating handmade gifts and sending them to the women as virtual gifts. If the women then posted something about their virtual gift, they received a real gift from the company in the mail.

Almost all of the 50 women responded, generating 2,284 interactions and 694,853 impressions on Pinterest. The campaign …

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