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Are you trying to connect with influencers?

Looking for ways to streamline the process?

You can make your influencer outreach more efficient and save yourself time by combining three free tools.

In this article you’ll discover how to automate your influencer outreach with BuzzSumo, Buffer, and Twitter.

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#1: Identify Influencers Who Shared Similar Content
The first step is to source popular posts related to the topic you’re interested in promoting. Let’s use this article as the topic example.

Go to BuzzSumo.com and type in keywords related to your blog post. For example, the results for a search for “influencer outreach” returned similar articles.

After you find similar posts that are popular, you need to identify key influencers who’ve shared those posts.

Click on the View Links Shared button next to each post and then click Page Authority to sort your list by who has the most influence. Ideally you want to target 10-20 individuals with high authority and a large number of followers.

In this example, Brian Dean, SEMrush, and Jon Morrow all have high social authority rank, a large Twitter following, and have shared an article similar to this one.

When you reach out to identified influencers who have shared content similar to your own, you raise the chance they’ll share your article. Plus their amplification of your content can drive huge exposure for your blog.

To put your best foot forward, you’ll want to start engaging and interacting with the influencers you choose a few weeks before you reach out to them on Twitter.

Add your influencers to a Twitter list so you can easily monitor and e…

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