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Wouldn’t it be so cool if you could drive engagement and qualified traffic to grow your business and brand from LinkedIn?

You can!

This article will show you how to get tons of likes on your LinkedIn updates and further grow your reach with LinkedIn Pulse.

Doing so requires one crucial thing. You must:

Be a Linkedin Unicorn in a Sea of Donkeys (source: Larry messing around with photoshop)

(Image source: me attempting to use Photoshop)

1. Build a large LinkedIn network

Smart marketers must build a large LinkedIn network.

The LinkedIn news feed algorithm isn’t a black box. It’s more like an open box. It’s about as basic as boiling water.

Updates that you “like” will be shared with your LinkedIn network. If your connections “like” your status updates, their connections will see that update.


So if you have 20,000 connections on LinkedIn, then it’s so much more likely that (a) more of your connections will click “Like” on your updates and (b) that their connections will also click “like” on your updates.

LinkedIn’s algorithm is about as stupid-simple as it gets — it shows your updates to all of your connections.

There’s no way to search for updates on LinkedIn — not even with advanced search. Nobody will see your updates unless they are connected to you.

When more people see your updates, it increases the odds that more people will like that update.

More connections. More likes. Simple.

Add connections and the results will multiply over time. Quality connections are key here. Only connect with people you …

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