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3 Ways Your Experience Can Help You Sell Your Services

One of my favorite sayings, often repeated by my granny, was that she didn’t get gray hair lazing around in the sun.

It was mostly directed at my dad whenever he tried to trick her into believing something. I’ve been at the receiving end a couple of times, too. What it basically means is this: one doesn’t reach a ripe old age without gaining some kind of experience.

Experience is a wonderful thing; you gain it in happy as well as sad times. You gain it as an employee or an entrepreneur. You gain it without making any significant change to the world or while you make it go round.

So if you have worked in a particular industry for any length of time (or in different industries, for that matter), you might have gained a few grey hairs along the way.

Now you want to put this experience to use. Find a way to use this learning and experience to educate and enlighten people who might be in the same situation as you were earlier. Make their life easier.

But what’s in it for me, you ask? A lot of money!

Here are three ways you can help people gain from your experience, monetize your knowledge and skills, and most importantly, feel good about yourself! And for those who don’t want to get their salt and pepper reading this post in its entirety, here’s a mini-graph detailing each method briefly:

How to Monetize Your Experience infographic

1. Create …

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