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4 marketing trends to embrace in 2016

You don’t have a crystal ball. That makes it a bit tricky to outmuscle your competitors by predicting the next big digital marketing trends.

But don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be all guesswork. There are a few things that look nailed on to shake up digital marketing for small businesses in 2016.

Here’s your rundown:

Search: optimize for small screens

2015 saw Google finally dish out ranking penalties for websites that aren’t mobile-ready. As more and more people choose to browse the world wide web using mobile devices (rather than clunky old desktop computers and laptops), 2016 will be the year when it becomes essential to optimise your website and email marketing for tablets and smartphones.

Google is also getting astonishingly good at understanding context. Search is no longer all about specific keywords; more about the meaning behind the words you use. Your content has to satisfy the searcher’s intent while being engaging enough to make your readers stick around. That’s how you appease the Google gods.

Search goes social

Social media is changing the way we search. Google has started indexing social media content, such as tweets, making it more important to nurture your presence on the big social channels. The platforms themselves are beefing up their internal search powers too, making it easier for users to retrieve relevant content from specific social sites.

Given that today’s consumers research businesses using a variety of digital media, you can steal an advantage on your competitors by having a well-watered presence across different channels.

Launch an app, tap a new market

Another way to grow your online fo…

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