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Is curated content part of your social media marketing?

Looking for new ways to collect and share curated content?

New tools are changing the way marketers compile and deliver handpicked content to their social media audiences.

In this article you’ll discover four unique ways to curate social media content on Medium, Twitter, SlideShare, and your blog.

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#1: Select Stories on Medium
Medium is a great platform for marketers because it allows you to distribute content quickly. You can write long-form articles, short pieces and tweets, and upload videos to share with the Medium community. When you publish articles, they’re shared with your followers and a network-wide feed where people find content based on tags and the amount of engagement posts receive.

Medium also offers a content-curation opportunity that many people overlook. You can create your own publication and curate articles from authors around the web.

To create a publication, go to the Publications page and click New Publication. From there, fill in the details for your publication and design the layout. You can choose the layout style (Grid, Stream, or List) and how many stories to include on the homepage.

To curate content, search Medium for articles that are aligned with your publication’s message. If your publication is about satire, for example, research “satire” and look for relevant posts.

Once you find an article that you want to republish, scroll to the bottom of the story and click the ellipsis icon. Then select Request Story from the drop-down menu and choose the publication you want to publish it to.

Once you’ve selected the publication, you…

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