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4 Resources to Help You Brainstorm Ideas for Your Next Blog Post

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Have you ever struggled coming up with ideas for your next blog post? You look at your canvas, blank page, or Word document and just stare.

I’ve been there. You’ve been there.

Unfortunately, coming up with ideas for content is an industry-wide challenge that can only be solved with persistence. (highlight to tweet) To create a blog post that people will love as much as Kanye loves Kanye, you need have a great idea for the topic and the story you’re going to share.

I’m going to share four resources I use for finding inspiration when I’m in a rut. You can start using these tools and resources to find inspiration for your next blog post right now.

1. Quora.com

One of my favorite question and answer sites, Quora, is a great resource for finding inspiration for your next blog post. It’s a site where people ask questions under a specific topic and receive answers from the community.

When you’re looking for inspiration, head to Quora’s search bar, and type in the topic you’re looking to write about. If you want to create a blog post that covers general life advice, search for it:

Quora for content ideas

Once you find a topic like “Life Advice,” click it, and you’ll be met with a feed of questions that people have asked about the topic. Under this particular topic, there have been 128.6 thousand questions ask…

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