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4 Studies on the State of Influencer Marketing

I read influencer marketing blogs and newsletters every day. Don’t get me wrong—a good tips post has helped me greatly over the years. But I’m a sucker for posts containing facts, strategies backed up with data, and most of all… charts!

There is always good research coming out in the world of marketing, but in the past few weeks, the quantity and quality of data published has increased greatly. For this post, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites.

The Rising Influence of Mom Bloggers

Yesterday, I published a case study on how Lake Tahoe worked with mom bloggers for a press trip. I also love this infographic their agency put out:

Bloggers & Brands infographic

How Bloggers Want to Work With Brands”

Key takeaways from this research:

Understand the readers, not just the blog.
90% of bloggers want to do contests and giveaways with their readers.
Actually read the blog before pitching. A pet peeve is a PR person who reaches out with an irrelevant story or idea.
Bloggers prefer personal relationships.
79% of mom bloggers accept advertising to monetize their blog.
Implement a strategy that works on multiple platforms—most bloggers promote their blog on social media.

Smart Influencer Vetting Requires a Human Touch

Two studies were recently released on influ…

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