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4 Tips for Honing Your Content to Reach Gen Z

Move over, Millennials—Generation Z is the freshest wave of movers and shakers to grace the online marketplace. Just out of high school, these incoming trendsetters don’t  know a world without smartphones, they have no clue what a two-hour wait time feel like, and Miley Cyrus probably makes more sense to them than she ever will to the rest of us.

However, the standout feature of Gen Z is that they get the majority of their content online. From textbooks to news stories to medical information, Digital Natives rely on the web for everything they do. So what does this mean for the marketing world?

Gen Z is familiar with every marketing and advertising tactic there is. Banner ads, SEO, sponsored ads, influencer marketing, and content marketing—they’ve seen it. However, this isn’t a bad thing for your brand. The fact that the Digital Natives know your angle actually makes it easier for you to be direct and tactical, allowing your marketers to shift their attentions toward creating the kind of content that can catch the attention spans of these voracious young men and women. (highlight to tweet)

Here are four tried-and-true ways your brand can organically use content to reach the expanding cohort of post-millennials.

1. Journey Mapping

2015 was the year of tracking and analyzing the buyer experience and mapping the customer journey. While bounce rates and sales are crucial for understanding your business, looking at the funnel as a whole is a way of organically gathering data on your clientele. From the moment of initial contact, engagement, and into long-term retention, brands are using journey mapping to analyze and fine-tune …

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