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Is the Pinterest algorithm burying your pins?

Looking for tips to get better exposure in the Pinterest Smart Feed?

Pinning more isn’t always the answer to increasing your visibility on Pinterest.

In this article you’ll discover four ways to improve the quality of your pins and boards on Pinterest.

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#1: Clean Up Your Account Every Month
For Pinterest’s algorithm to view your account as high-quality, you’ll want to focus on curating the best of the best. In turn, Pinterest will be more likely to recommend your pins to others.

Not all popular pins are created equal and many of your account’s pins won’t get substantial repins from your followers. To make sure your account is up to date, set aside time once a month to go through your boards and delete all of the pins that have fewer than five repins.

Here’s an easy way to delete underperforming pins from a board:

Click on the board and then click on the Move Pins button at the top right corner of the board. Next, click on the red Move button. Now you’re able to scroll down and view all of the pins on your board and note the number of repins each one has generated.

Select the checkmark on each pin that has fewer than five repins. When you’re done, click the red Delete button. Currently you can delete only 50 pins at a time, and be careful to stay below 100 daily pin deletions or Pinterest may block you. You should also wait at least seven days before you delete a new pin.

Deleting pins is a lot of work, but if you want to build a valuable Pinterest presence, it’s a tactic you can’t ignore.
#2: Pin and Repin Based on Popularity
It’s very tempting to repin every amazing …

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