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Some of the best marketing ideas come from being in the moment. Capturing the zeitgeist. Having your finger gaffa-taped to The Pulse — whatever that is.

With 2016’s Leap Day whirring towards us, here are some ideas to get you thinking about how you can pay homage to Leap Year while engaging your target audience with novel promotional ideas.

But first, spare a thought for the leaplings…

There are around four million people in the world who were born on 29th February. ‘Leaplings’, they are called — and 2016 has dealt them a dud hand. Imagine waiting for four years to celebrate your birthday, only to find out — when it finally rolls around — that it falls on a Monday.

Be a good sport and let it be known that all leaplings can claim a free gift from your business if they offer proof of their birthday. Okay? Good.

As the world prepares to spoon itself an extra helping of day, here are four more marketing ideas for any business wishing to get creative.

1. Leap Day, Cheap Day

As anyone who has been elbowed in the ribs during the annual chaos that is Black Friday will tell you, nothing incites consumer action like a flash sale.

Leap Day is the perfect opportunity to offer a 24-hour discount on your products (29% off would tie in nicely). It’s perfect for e-tailers and sure to spread on social media.

No online shop? No problem. You can also promote in-store discounts or time-limited discounts on your services. Make it work for you. And whip up some emails to give your loyal subscribers a heads up.

2. Reduce your prices by leaps and bounds

Okay, this one only works as a local promotion, but it could be fun nonetheless. Cordon off an area inside/outside your shop or office — complete with tape measure — and invite customers to leap as far as they can. The further they jump, the bigger their discount.

For extra goodwill, you could charge a small fee to have a go (50p, for example) and donate…

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