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5 Branded Content Campaigns You Need to Know

In January, I wrote about “The 7 Worst Ad Campaigns of 2015” and received great feedback from the community. It inspired me to create this piece—if we can learn from the worst, then we can also learn from the best.

In the last article, I focused on advertisements in general. However, this time I’d like to introduce a new theme: branded content, or content that subtly blends into editorial publications and other media communications.

Today, such advertisements, which include videos, interactive infographics, and articles, are quickly gaining traction among both brands and publishers. In fact, you’ve probably scrolled through thousands of them on CNN, BuzzFeed, USA Today, etc., without consciously recognizing branded content.

Ad blockers have become more popular than Donald Trump, and because both advertisers and publishers are suffering from ad blocking, branded content and native advertisements are being championed as a solution to the overwhelming revenue losses. (highlight to tweet) It’s proving to be a great alternative to traditional banner ads, which users are resisting.

Intrinsically, branded content is subtle and indirect. If there were a scale, standard advertisements would be Kanye West, and branded content would be Natalie Portman. Plus, if branded content (usually great advertisements that don’t blatantly promote their products) adds to the publication’s credibility and entertainment value, there’s not much reason for users to continue raising their pitchforks against the advertising industry.

Here are five examples of branded content that are more than worth our praise.

1. The New York Times, G…

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