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5 Expert Tips for Engaging Your Webinar Audience

Following up on last week’s post covering my most important lessons for attracting your webinar audience, let’s now pivot and focus on how to keep them engaged once they show up live as an attendee at your webinar. Next week, my final post will cover how to convert your audiences to become your customers.

For attracting your audience, I covered how to:

Choose a Relevant Topic.
Use Industry Disruptions to Your Advantage.
Develop and Audience Profile That Aligns With Your Topic and Value Proposition.
Consider External Thought Leaders as Speakers vs. Internal Company Experts.
Gather and Mine Actionable Live Cycle Intelligence.


You can review the full post here.

In my previous post, I also mentioned that two of the five topics below each led to a million dollar sale, and asked you to guess which ones. The answers are 4 and 5.

Case Study: How Merck is Using Virtual Team Building to Increase Performance
How Active Rehab Protocols Reduce Post-Operative Recovery Time
Smarter Streets: Case Studies for Cities and Utilities – Learn How the City of Baltimore and Washington Gas Reduced Costs
Separating the Contenders from the Pretenders in the World of Oil Water Separation
Culture Shock: Shake-Up Your Company, Your Store, Your People and Sales Increases Will Follow


Now let’s get into more specifics on how you can keep your audience engaged once they show up for your webinar.

1. Deliver on What You Promised in the Webinar Invitation

While this might sound obvious, it’s not too many. The webinar invitation is your contract with your audience, and keeping it will go a long way…

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