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5 Smart Ways to Use Email Signature Marketing

Every marketer, and especially those in software marketing, understands the power of “filling the funnel” with prospects that are interested in what your companies has to offer, whether products or services. Marketers across many industries have relied upon the trusty “paid, owned, earned, and shared” channels that have proven to be successful for years on end (with a few new channels introduced along the way): boost website traffic with SEO, attend trade shows and host field marketing events, use digital advertising and remarketing, implement a PR strategy, use social media, and on and on.

Marketers are open about sharing their experiences with these tried and true channels, and it’s true they’ve proven successful and have gotten many companies to where they are today—along with, of course, a lot of hard work, trial and error, and sales velocity. But what kinds of new technology are you trying? How is your marketing team innovating and experimenting with new channels that your prospects aren’t being inundated with? If you’re just doing what all of your competitors are doing and aren’t trying anything new, then you’re already behind.

In order to accomplish your lofty goals each month, quarter, and year, you’re likely investing heavily in the traditional channels above as a way to capture interest and educate your audience about your technology. We’d like to introduce you to a new channel that every marketer should add to their toolbox: email signature marketing.

The Power of Marketing-Plus-Sales

Often, marketers work alongside their sales counterparts to help craft messages and campaigns for the sales team to use in pr…

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