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5 Things You Can Do to Escape Google Penalties

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A new year brings along new opportunities and new challenges. The SEO world, too, is preparing to combat unexpected threats, especially from various Google penalties.

What are those possible threats?

Imagine, you wake up one fine morning and get a call from the office reporting, “We have lost all traffic,” and your heart stops. It’d be no less than a nightmare… your worst nightmare, in fact.

But did you know this could really happen, at any time?

Whether you like it or not, websites in variety of niches depend on Google for a high percentage of their traffic. If you get hit by a penalty, anywhere from 10% to 50% of your traffic can be wiped out in an instant. According to Matt Cutts, around 400,000 of these kinds of actions are being initiated manually every month by Google. Many other sites are being penalized by Google algorithmic updates—especially the big boys, Penguin and Panda.

Yes, quite a scary thought! But to every problem, there’s a solution.

Regardless of the type of penalty that triggers you, you need to be able to diagnose what caused it and resolve it. These effective tips can teach you how to get rid of any penalties that can hold back your organic traffic.

1. Avoid Spammy Structured Markup

Schema markup, or structured data markup, can be an effective way to improve search engine content discovery, organic search visibility, and indexation. Some Schema markups get recorded by Google’s Knowledge Graph, which produce Rich Snippets and are visible in local results. These help improve organic search visibility and click-through rate.


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