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5 Ways to Influence Shoppers on Valentine's Day

Customers spend a lot of money in the name of love. Over the last year, there was a $1.6B increase in spending during Valentine’s Day. From jewelry and clothing to dinner and flowers, people are throwing out the big bucks for their significant others.

Assuming you aren’t in the business of selling love, don’t let all the candy and flower talk deter you from getting in on the gift-giving action. More people are starting to celebrate the holiday with their friends, family and even pets (oh yes—they’re getting a big piece of the V-day pie, too).

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Last year, 54.9% of Americans celebrated Valentine’s Day, so it’s time to think outside of the (heart-shaped chocolate) box.

Capturing customer attention without being disruptive is key for this heartfelt holiday. (highlight to tweet) Since 34% of U.S. adults have “broken up” with a brand due to disruptive marketing, you’ll want to strive for authenticity in your digital marketing efforts.

Courtesy of: The Shelf

Let’s get into five ways you can reap the rewards of Valentine’s Day love without being disruptive.

1. Gift Guide Roundups

Have you ever noticed that every time there’s a big holiday, bloggers…

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