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5 Ways to Master Your Local Search Ranking

Did you know that 82% of local searchers will follow up by either calling the retailer, visiting the store, or making a purchase?

Local search plays an important role in driving more foot traffic to your store. (highlight to tweet) But as of August 2015, Google made some significant changes. Now, only three businesses are listed in local search rather than seven, meaning competition is tough to get your business seen.

So how do you make sure you’re doing everything you can to master your local search ranking?

1. Verify Your Business on Local Directories

Make sure you’ve set up verified accounts with all local directories. That way, you can include the correct information to better your chances for local search success. You can create a free listing on Google, so that when a customer is looking for you, your listing will appear in the search results like this:

verify your business in local directories

But don’t just stop at Google. There are plenty of listing sites that your business will appear on, so you need to make sure you verify your business across the board for better search results. Some of the most popular listing sites include:



Each site will give you the option to register your business, so that you can manage your online directory.

2. Get Your NAP in Check

What’s a NAP, I hear you say? Nope,…

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