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How to use Facebook Live for your small business

Another day.

Another marketing platform.

Another way for you to connect with your target audience.

Facebook Live is the new extension to Facebook that, pretty soon, you will be hearing a lot about. But what is Facebook Live? And — more to the point — how can small businesses like yours use it to supercharge your marketing?

On 30th September 1929, British media changed forever. It was the day the BBC aired the world’s first live television broadcast. The operational feat of sharing live sound and vision with the nation in real-time was enormous and incredibly technical.

Today all you need is a smartphone. Facebook Live will do the rest for you.

A (micro) introduction to Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a tool for sharing real-time video, straight from your smartphone. What your phone camera sees, anyone tuned in on Facebook sees. Think of it as your own live television channel — albeit one where you can broadcast as frequently or infrequently as you like.

The technology works as seamlessly as a video call. The main difference? You can’t see or hear the people on the other end of the line. (Although they can type messages — more on that in a bit.) Select Facebook accounts were given access to the Live extension in August 2015. But Facebook is in the process of rolling out Live to all users.

So what should you broadcast?

If you are interested in live broadcast, it makes sense to fetch a fresh pot of coffee, pull up a chair and spend some time considering how to create video features that suit your business, your target audience and your desired ambitions. The best starting point is to think about y…

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