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6 Accidental Ways Companies Kill Innovation

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Companies pursue innovation with the best of intentions. But all too often, theses efforts quickly lose steam.

We’ve all been there—someone pitches an idea, and it’s met with enthusiasm. Everyone is excited! The company wants to evolve; the company needs to evolve. A plan is quickly put in place to turn this fresh idea into reality.

But, well, then the company starts acting like a company again. Over time, the idea loses all its momentum until it’s no longer the shiny, innovative idea it started as. It gets dialed back again and again until it’s completely unrecognizable, and it dies a slow, silent death. The company returns to its status quo.

I’ve seen this happen over and over, at companies I’ve worked for and companies I’ve worked with. When it comes to innovation, companies fall into the same bad, idea-killing habits over and over again. (highlight to tweet)

Don’t let your company be an idea killer. Look out for these six common ways companies talk themselves out of innovation.

1. “We Need More Research.”

Research is good. When you pitch a new idea, you better have the data to back it up. But it’s also an easy thing to hide behind—especially these days, when big data makes analytics an utterly bottomless rabbit hole.

When you’ve got the key points covered, but leadership is still asking for more and more to analyze, beware: that idea is beginning to drift away, carried by a fear of the risk involved.

2. “Let’s Get Input from ___.”

It all starts out quite reasonably. The big idea your department came up with will affect another department, t…

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