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Do you want to reach local customers on social media?

Are you monitoring the online conversations near your business?

Geo-specific social media monitoring tools help businesses engage with customers who are close to their brick-and-mortar stores.

In this article I’ll share six location-based monitoring tools to use for local social media marketing.
Why Use Location-Based Monitoring Tools?
Geo-specific social media monitoring tools are different from the conventional keyword-based monitoring tools in many respects. For one thing, these tools offer a clear picture of what’s happening at a particular location, which helps you reach out to local audiences. Plus, they allow you to connect better with your community by engaging with local social media influencers and leveraging local hashtags.

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If you do social media for a company with multiple locations, here are some excellent tools to explore.
#1: Search Real-time Feeds With Geofeedia
Geofeedia allows you to search real-time social feeds by location to discover geolocation social media posts from anywhere worldwide. You also have the ability to monitor multiple locations to archive, curate and share your content.

Simply draw a custom perimeter or enter an address on Geofeedia’s digital map. It will then display all social content posted by users in that particular area. While the tool searches by location first, you also have the ability to filter your search by keywords, date, time, users and more, across various social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.

Discover what’s trending in an area. Then leverage th…

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