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Is your blog taking full advantage of social media plugins?

Looking for tools to help grow your following and encourage sharing?

The right WordPress plugins make it easy to grow your social media following and increase social shares.

In this article you’ll discover six WordPress plugins that’ll make your blog more social.

Listen to this article:

#1: Showcase Your Instagram Photos
Pictures are worth a thousand words, and Instagram is all about the pictures. Feature Instagram images and posts in a widget on your blog to help send new users to your Instagram profile, as well as to provide vibrant, alluring images for your blog.

The plugin that best lives up to this task is the appropriately titled Instagram Feed. It’s another free tool that’s easy to use and offers a lot of value. Use it to increase social engagement by automatically sharing your Instagram images with your blog readers.

Instagram Feed also offers these handy features:

Display images from multiple Instagram accounts.
Choose the size of the images.
Provide a Load More option that allows people to load more of your Instagram images.

Because users often still flock to platforms like Facebook and Twitter first, having an Instagram feed on your blog is a great way to send your audience to your Instagram in hopes they’ll become new followers.
#2: Feature Your Twitter Feed
Twitter is a powerful social networking platform and being able to showcase some of your Twitter activity on your blog can be very effective.

WP Twitter Feeds is a free widget that simplifies the process, saving you from having to copy and paste code from Twitter. You ju…

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