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Do you need to update your social identity?

Are you looking for a simple way to make sure all your social channels are consistent?

In this article you’ll discover a checklist that will help you rebrand your social media profiles.

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#1: Give Your Audience a Sneak Preview
Some companies purposefully keep their rebrand under wraps until the last minute. While this shock-factor approach will likely generate press, it can be risky if people react badly. To stay on the safe side, give your audience a sneak preview of your rebrand.

To do this, post something from your new company (your new logo or images from a new marketing campaign, for example) on social media. Announce the change and ask people what they think.

This makes your audience feel like you value their opinion and allows you to gather feedback before launching the rest of your rebrand. It also gives your audience time to adjust to the idea, and you’ll generate anticipation and excitement for the launch.

In the example below, Cultures for Health uses a sneak preview photo that offers enough information to generate excitement, without giving it all away.

Once you’ve launched a new visual identity, it’s a good idea to get feedback on what your audience thinks about it. This isn’t about whether people like your logo; it’s about more tangible things that can affect revenue.

Is your new blog easy to navigate? Does your audience relate to your brand story on social media? You can post a quick survey on Twitter or Facebook to ask these questions and then use the results to make improvements.
#2: Update Your Social Media Profiles
Have you designed …

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