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Do you want to sell your products using Instagram?

Looking for tools to make it easier for customers to buy from you?

The right Instagram tools help you maximize your revenue.

In this article you’ll discover six tools to help you sell products on Instagram.

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#1: Identify Shoppable Content With a Hashtag
Hashtags are a big part of how you connect with users on Instagram, and Inselly makes good use of them. Like other platforms on this list, Inselly lets you use the profile-link-to-storefront method of selling. It comes with the added bonus of the Inselly hashtag.

Add the hashtag #inselly to your description, as well as any other relevant tags that might put you in front of your target audience. Not only does this hashtag make it easier for users to search for buyable content, but it also flags your content as being buyable if users stumble across it somewhere else.

Sellers can process purchases through PayPal, and buyers can contact sellers through a message either on the app or the Inselly website.

Buyers need to have Inselly installed and integrated with Instagram, but it’s free for them to do so. It’s also free for sellers to use, with no commissions or fees, although you can choose to purchase “coins” (the international currency Inselly utilizes) to promote your content.

[Editor’s note: Inselly recently updated. Buyers don’t need to install or integrate the software with Instagram, and it’s free for them to use.]
#2: Sync Inventory Across Your Online Stores
Shopseen is a multichannel listing interface that allows you to upload and list your products and have them automatically uploaded to…

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