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6 Ways Content Marketers Can Supercharge Their LinkedIn Profiles

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I see it time and time again: Stellar content marketers spend so much time developing great content for their brands that they don’t spend enough time thinking of their own brand. While Instagram, Snapchat, and many others are great platforms, LinkedIn is the single best tool you have at your disposal to build your own brand. (highlight to tweet) I want to shed light on LinkedIn’s top personal brand-building features:

1. Comment on Your LinkedIn Feed

Your connections are posting articles, commenting on the activity of others, and starting group discussions—and you can see all of this from your main LinkedIn feed. This provides a perfect opportunity to inject yourself into conversations. Of course, only do this when you have something to say, such as an answer to someone’s question, a follow-up question of your own, or a congratulations of some sort. Don’t just hit the Like button; that’s a lazy form of engagement and won’t get you any type of recognition or build your brand in any meaningful way.

2. Add Skills

When you’re editing your LinkedIn profile, you can add to the list of Skills you possess. LinkedIn will often prompt your connections to endorse their own connections’ proficiency in various skills.

Let’s say that you, Milton Butters, add the skill “Juggling” to your profile. Your connections will occasionally be asked, “Does Milton Butters know about Juggling?,” and they’ll have the option to hit the “Endorse” button. The more endorsements you get for that skill, the more people will think you’re a lean, mean juggling…

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