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Do you want to encourage more interaction with your Twitter followers?

Looking for ways to engage your Twitter community?

In this article you’ll discover six ways to increase engagement on Twitter.
#1: Offer Personalized Encouragement
The best engagement is sometimes a simple response. Customers are thrilled when you devote time to interact with them. It’s a sign of respect and appreciation.

Listen to this article:

Nike encourages customers to #JustDoIt. To align with the brand’s value of inspiration, Nike tweets words of encouragement to their followers. So if you’re anxious about your next run, the company could be your #1 fan.

To do something similar with your brand, thoroughly read the timelines of 20 to 40 of your followers. Identify tweets that announce major milestones (such as a new baby, running a marathon, getting married or a first car purchase).

Then craft a short message (aim for three to six words) of encouragement. You can make the message more personal if you don’t use any hashtags or add it to your timeline feed. Make sure you stay away from disingenuous comments. If your business isn’t known for encouragement, your customers may be confused by the message.

People desire human connections, and a great way to do that is to motivate people to reach their potential.
#2: Share Their Tweets
It’s human nature to want to be validated, so retweet your followers to show you recognize the value of their content. Let them know that what they’re saying or posting online matters.

ProFlowers retweets their fans often. The retweets usually reflect the beauty of flowers, so popular shares include floral arrangements, mante…

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