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60 Steps for Your Content Writing Checklist

The first thing everyone finds out about me is that I love lists and checklists. Shopping lists, to-do lists, reading lists—I am always thrilled to make them. It’d be a shame if I didn’t have a detailed checklist for my #1 activity: content writing.

For all my industry peers who face the daily challenge of keeping in mind all aspects of content creation, this list breaks down a content marketing process step-by-step.

I bet you know all of them. But I bet my bottom dollar you forget some of them on an incredibly regular basis. And as we all know, repetition is the mother of skill, isn’t it?

Idea Generation Stage

Idea Generation Stage

Before implementation, idea generation comes. (As Yoda would phrase it.) You can’t start a project without clear ideas in your pocket. This is a crucial moment, as the whole content marketing strategy will depend on those ideas.

Your idea should take ten steps from generation to implementation (selection, feedback, test drive, corrections, etc.). Being a content marketer, you should understand when a concept is clear enough and ready to be worked on. Below is your checklist to follow once you arrive at this stage.


1. Simplicity – The idea is clear and accessible to your target audience.

2. Surprise – The idea reveals new information and shows something new in your niche.

3. Specificity – The idea has something w…

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