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7 Ways to Make Your Business Storytelling Awesome

I am super passionate about what I do in the world of telling business and marketing stories. If you read my stuff and know me, you know I am a storytelling nerd from both the business and improv stages—and proudly!

I love that storytelling is experiencing a “corporate Renaissance” across business, social media, social entrepreneurism, and executive communications. Storytelling is so much bigger than marketing. It’s the foundation of how companies communicate who they are in the world and what they stand for. A resurgence is a great thing, and storytelling itself—the original social medium for humans—is evolving in the business world. That is a great thing.

In doing my work, in chatting with fellow story practitioners and branding execs, and in doing research for a book to be published later this year, I’ve stumbled upon what I believe (and am already experiencing) the next wave of storytelling will look like. Much of it involves getting out of the way, empowering others, and thinking bigger.

Here are seven ways to jump on that next wave and reinvigorate your organization’s storytelling for more successful marketing this year.

1. Go Deeper

Many of today’s business stories are “storytelling lite.” Your storytelling must go deeper to be more effective. Most brand storytelling today is superficial and still too corporate-oriented, rather than aimed at human needs.

The business storytelling of the future—storytelling that is successful and sustainable—must go deeper. It needs to get vulnerable, real, and drop the perfect endings. Tidy resolutions make for c…

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