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Do you engage with customers online?

Are you looking for tools to help manage and monitor customer relationships?

From product discovery to purchase and support, tools have emerged to help your business manage the social customer experience on whichever channel your customers prefer.

In this article you’ll discover eight tools to help your business provide a seamless social customer experience.
The Evolution of Customer Experience
Social customer experience is not built purely on old foundations such as ticketing systems. Nor is it designed only to support customers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Today, social customer experience is a hybrid of the two.

What started off with a simple model of customer support (“Email us and we’ll help.”) has since evolved to include ticketing systems, live chat, and social media.

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For a while, there were no tools available to support the customer experience, so companies responded directly to customers on each social network. However, that made tracking a challenge. Fortunately, a number of social listening tools have cropped up to meet this need.

While social is still where customers feel they’re being heard most (especially when reaching out to companies that haven’t humanized their culture outside of a social media platform), not everyone wants to seek support publicly on Twitter or Facebook. This fact gave rise to a newer social customer experience phenomenon: in-app messaging for websites and blogs.

Read on to explore both types of tools and find out which ones can help you deliver a solidly social customer experience.
Tools for S…

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