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Could your Facebook ad targeting use some refinement?

Looking for new ways to reach your ideal audience with Facebook ads?

Facebook’s new targeting options help you improve the conversion rate of your Facebook ads.

In this article you’ll discover eight ways to optimize your Facebook ad targeting.

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#1: Narrow Lookalike Audiences With Interests
If you enjoy a high amount of traffic to your blog or have a wide list of existing customers, using lookalike audiences is a great tactic. Unfortunately, in many cases, lookalike audiences are too large. The minimum lookalike audience in the U.S., for example, is around 1 million users.

To find a smaller and more focused audience for your ad, test your ads using different interests. When you find the right combination of lookalike audience and interest, you’ll have a more targeted audience and reduce the cost per click/conversion.

Here’s how to combine interests with a lookalike audience.

First, choose the lookalike audience you want to use. For example, in the image below I chose Lookalike (US, 1%) with 1.9M people.

Then scroll down to Detailed Targeting and add interests one by one.

Test the option above versus the traditional solo-flying lookalike audience, which is much broader. See if you’re managing to hit the sweet spot inside what’s already a well-defined audience.

Refining Interests With Companies and Blogs

Your options for defining an audience by their interests have changed significantly in the last year. In the early days of interests targeting, the interests you could choose were limited and usually on a high level (for example, Running, Mar…

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