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Are you a busy social media marketer?

Looking for tools that will save you time?

Using the right tools to stay focused and work more efficiently will help you get more done in a day.

In this article you’ll discover nine productivity tools for busy marketers.

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#1: Save Content Inspiration for Later
Use Evernote to create a journal of content ideas and inspiration sources. With text, audio and image options, you can type, dictate or snap an image of whatever has caught your eye.

Evernote syncs with all of your devices, so you’ll have access to it wherever you are. Reach for it when you’re feeling stuck for content ideas.
#2: Block Distracting Websites
Throughout the course of a day, we have distractions coming at us from a variety of directions. If you intend to spend just a few minutes on Pinterest, only to end up spending half a day looking at recipes, you need Cold Turkey.

Use Cold Turkey to group distracting sites, such as social and news sites, and then block them off for certain time periods.

Remember, if you’re a social media manager who uses native websites to schedule your messages, this probably isn’t the app for you.

The app works great when you’re putting off real work, like drafting your next blog post or newsletter or creating a report for your boss. Set it up for an hour or two and allow yourself some time to write distraction-free.
#3: Create Canned Email Responses
Do you get a lot of similar emails from customers, such as questions about your return policy or other support-related questions? Save yourself some time and effort with the Canned Responses add-on in Gmail. Rath…

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