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Social media introduced a brand new world of advertising to brands and they’ve enjoyed exploring this affordable and highly targeted solution.

Facebook is the perfect example to showcase the success of social advertising, in a way that makes both advertisers and consumers happy.

Facebook isn’t new to advertising, but it seems to be moving in a very interesting direction by launching many new features that would benefit both brands and of course, its own revenue.

According to its latest report, Facebook now counts 1.59 billion monthly active users, which is exactly the reason that brands experiment with Facebook advertising to reach a wider audience.

How News Feed ads changed Facebook

Facebook loves tweaking the News Feed experience, but up to now, it was clear that advertising is not disrupting the user’s experience. Facebook wanted to make sure that loyal users remain active on the site as much as possible, and this also extended to advertising.

Native ads started appearing on the News Feed, but always balancing the users’ needs with its advertising model. The fact that the ads didn’t necessarily annoy the users helped the brands realise that Facebook is becoming a very interesting platform to explore and its latest features indicate that it’s more serious than ever to create an even more profitable model.

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What makes Facebook advertising special

Targeted ads: Facebook excels in helping a brand reach the right audience, with many targeting options that appeal to a selective audience. This means that if you know how to create the perfect ad, you are reducing the chances of simply wasting your money with the wrong audience.
Affordability: Social advertising is cost-effective c…

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