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If there’s one thing that almost all of us can agree on, it’s that no matter what changes in the world of digital marketing, there is one constant… there’s not enough time in the day.

The developers are busy, the designers are busy, the content team is busy, and you can’t wrangle a moment with the top brass or legal team to gain approval for the site section addition you desperately need.

Aside from spending your precious time trying to find ways to bribe site administrators and approvers of change to pay attention to your needs, you also need to spend time finding quick wins from a keyword and usability standpoint.

Whether you work on the agency-side or in-house, you can probably relate to sitting in this uncomfortable bubble.

Through the use of just a few tools, we’ll show you some opportunities for keyword optimisation that can help you save some precious time.

Nearly visible opportunities

I imagine you know what terms are ranking the highest for your organic campaign. You have likely obsessed over them as you worked feverishly to get them to this point. However, while in the fog of this keyword bliss you be missing out on a lot of nearby opportunities.

For a moment, let’s walk away from your targeted keyword ranking list and review your overall keyword rankings.

Using SEMRush or Linkdex, review all keywords that you are ranking for. While one may be quick to sort by search volume or ranking, here we’ll initially look at the results from the view of Estimated Traffic.

If you are blinded by search volume and sort in this manner you are likely going to see a lot of current rankings for high volume terms, but are many pages deep in search results.

Estimated Traffic is going to show us what terms are of a decent search volume but also the ones that may only rank just outside of the first page.

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