Originally at https://searchenginewatch.com/2016/03/21/a-first-look-at-plonked-the-new-search-engine-for-business/

Earlier this month came the launch of a brand new search engine dedicated to providing in-depth insights into the business world. Its name? Plonked.

In the world of search, even dominated as it is by giants like Google and Bing, there’s still room for a small organisation to do something new, and do it well. Enter Plonked, a niche search engine focused on providing information about businesses.

Plonked was co-founded by Ankur Varma and Josh Atir, both residents of the San Francisco Bay Area with a wealth of experience working in technology and software. The idea for Plonked was born out of conversations with sales teams about their work process and methods of discovering new leads, which led to the realisation that the tools they used for discovering companies – including Google – were either outdated or not detailed enough.

“Google’s done an amazing job when you think about categorising the web; there’s your tab for images, your tab for news, videos, and so on; but there isn’t an equivalent thing for businesses,” said Varma, the co-founder and CEO of Plonked.

“There’s no way I can click on Google and say ‘Just show me the businesses that meet this criteria, this location, this size, this kind of a business profile’, and so on. So we set about building that out.”

A screenshot of the landing page for Plonked: a dark grey webpage with a large central search bar. Above it the text reads, "Discover, analyse and connect with businesses for free."

Poking around Plonked

At first look, Plonked is a slick, well-designed and aesthetically pleasing search engine, without a lot of confusion or clutter. I had a poke around its features, and found it easy to use. The homepage invites you to search using com…

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