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A responsive website is not a mobile strategy.

There has been a lot of re­cent articles on mobile and more and more of us are getting on-board but how can you, from a people-centric content marketing perspective, optimise your website for mobile? Let’s begin…

Technical change

Google has strengthened its mobile-friendly ranking signal to include site speed, so should you. This also helps with UX and general engagement. This is the first technical change you need to do and by far the last thing you need to do for mobile.


“When consumers don’t have a lot of time to make a decision, they tend to focus on a few key criteria or product attributes” – Think With Google

We need to start optimising content to reflect mobile behaviour.

Now I’m not talking about Responsive Content Marketing, but I am saying that we should now make content layout 3D based on devices.

To begin a mobile content marketing strategy, you should think about a time schedule and match this time to the days of the week based on traffic. So that you can say “at 8pm, 25% of my traffic comes from smartphone, I need to write a more mobile-focused blog post,” for example.

Once you know your peak mobile times you need to publish your mobile content during this time. This content needs to be written with the mobile, short time frame, in mind.

Here is a checklist:

Attention span

Write with bullet points and use a lot of headings to make your content more scanable. This is also positive for UX as well as for optimising for Google Hummingbird (which is essentially a thesaurus so you need to include synonyms of your targeted keywords in your text and the headings are great places to start to do this, as well as, optimise for voice search — more below).
Include a short sentence summary of your content at the top of your article to help to grab attention and encourage readership and engagement.

Real lif…

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