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A Marketer's Guide to Social Shopping Integrations

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Your friendly neighborhood social media giants seemed to have cracked the code when it comes to advertising. But they’ve had more misses than hits so far in their efforts to take a slice of our e-commerce shopping dollars, from the Facebook Gifts experiment (discontinued in 2013) to Twitter’s flagging #AmazonCart.

This year, however, it seemed that networks like Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and even Facebook and Twitter may have turned the corner on social shopping. (highlight to tweet)

Facebook’s Future in Social Selling

Every earnings report, the numbers for Facebook become more staggering—now reaching 1 billion active users every day. And while Facebook is sometimes regarded as a platform more for sharing information than for planning purchases, around 90 percent of Facebook users have nevertheless hit the “like” button on at least one brand.

But should brands be leery of the new, apparently retail-friendly features Facebook is offering?

Richard Lazazzera of A Better Lemonade Stand, an online e-commerce incubator, said that he thinks merchants need to go into social channels knowing that at some point every channel will make it harder for the merchant to get exposure and speak with customers without paying.

“For the majority of businesses, it’s almost pointless to spend time, energy, and money to grow a Facebook page now. However, targeted ads that send traffic to a merchant’s site can still be lucrative, provided they spend the time and money upfront to zero in on their market and test multiple ads.”

Matt Wilbanks, CEO and Co-Founder of Hel…

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