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A Marketer's New Year's Resolution for 2016

The biggest challenge B2B marketer will face in 2016 is the same as 2015, ’14 and ’13 before it. Want to take a guess what it is? I’ll save you some time: It’s process. Process alone is the greatest gap we see in today’s modern marketing environments. (highlight to tweet)

These days, acquiring software is the easy part. The barriers have come tumbling down. Buying SaaS tools is simpler than running to grab lunch at Chipotle. The acquisition pain that used to lead to months of planning has become an afterthought. As a result, your typical marketer is left with a tech stack that has a lot of power, but they likely don’t have a framework for putting that power to work. Software without process is a guaranteed problem.

What to Do About It?

Before slapping down the corporate card to buy the latest fix, take the time to identify the process that will solve the root of the problem. Then, and only then, should you purchase new software. More organizations need to focus on stewardship, process, organizational adoption, and governance—rather than always thinking a shiny new purchase is a guaranteed fix.

Almost every organization has purchased software they didn’t end up using. Many organizations also have tools that are so separate from each other that more than one internal department tries to purchase a tool another silo already has. Something needs to change.

You’ve heard of the slow food movement, right? It’s all about returning to traditional methods of cultivation and cooking, even when they’re not as convenient as ramen in the microwave. The “slow” trend needs to creep into marketi…

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