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Conversion tracking can be the bane of a PPC professional’s existence. And that’s because there are so many variables.

Every business has a different website and CMS, a different thing they want to track, a different web development team with different proficiencies. All these different variations make this part of PPC one of the hardest parts to implement.

Though tricky, conversion tracking is essential. Because AdWords tracking gives you the data you need to be able to make smarter decisions about where you’re spending your advertising dollars, and when to optimize your PPC account.

In this post, I’ll outline seven steps you can take to audit the status of your PPC conversions …

1. Find out what the business is already tracking

The first thing you can do is find out what the business is tracking today.

Go to your AdWords dashboard > Tools > Conversion actions, where you can see conversion status.

AdWords conversion actions

2. Check your conversion actions

Check that the web pages jive with the conversion set up by looking at the “webpages” section.

This will show you the website pages that are reporting conversions.


For B2Bs, you can usually tell that it’s a proper conversion page if it ends with .com/thanks or .com/confirmation—or any type of page that renders after a visitor completes an action.

In the image above, the white paper URL is only tracking people that go to the white paper download page, not the people who have actually downloaded the white paper. This is a good example of track…

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