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We are all constantly trying to squeeze as much as we can from our AdWords budgets and we never seem to quite have enough.

So we have compiled some advice that could save you money on a monthly basis!

IP exclusions

How many times would you say you look at your own ads? 10-20 times a month?

Unwillingly you are increasing impressions, which can decrease your click-through rate and have a negative knock-on effect on your quality scores.

Ultimately, your cost-per-click could increase due to general maintenance on your account.

Unfortunately, we have experienced the same issue with some of our own clients who love our ads so much that they have the recurring urge to click on them. Although, for some, this is only a few pounds here and there, others are wasting up to £30 on just two clicks. This is not good for our end of month reports when cost-per-conversion has increased.

Therefore, as part of the new client set up, we now ensure that our IP address and clients IP addresses are excluded. We use the Ad Preview Tool to view our ads and even send this to our clients.

Google Search Partners

Search partners extend the reach of search ads to hundreds of non-Google websites, as well as Google Maps, YouTube and other Google sites. This is great in some cases; however, we often find that it ends up being a costly avenue and a waste of budget.

Note: Your ads are set to show on the Google Search Partners network as default.

To find out how Google Search Partner traffic is affecting your campaign simply find the Segment drop down tab and select Network (with Search Partners). This will divide your traffic into Google only and Search Partners, so you can see if it is profitable to you.

To stop showing yours ads to this traffic simply un-tick the option within the campaign settings.

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