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Daniel Lemin - InstagramThe Review Battlefield

The escalating culture of online reviews is a new and dangerous world that can make any business sink or swim in a hurry. Even more terrifying is the advent of reviewers-for-hire which put your online reputation at the mercy of the highest bidder. Add in the alarming statistic that ratings and reviews (up to 25% of which can be fraudulent) are trusted 80% of the time as much as recommendations from friends/family and you have a perfectly good reason to lock yourself and you business in a bunker for all eternity.

Thankfully, Daniel Lemin is joining Social Pros this week to share his “stop, drop, and roll” method of handling online critics and to deliver a fresh, soothing perspective on how to win the review battle. Having just released a book on this very topic, he is a bonafide fount of priceless information.

In This Episode

How one (or even two) bad reviews won’t necessarily lead to the end of your business
Why adding counterpoint to complaints will help you gain new customers in the long run
How and why the rating and review culture impacts businesses in all industries of all sizes
Why a second set of eyes on review responses can mean a more positive permanent record


Quotes From This Episode

“It’s very easy to participate in rating and review platforms. You offer up your opinions and your feedback about all manner of things.” —@daniellemin

“Ultimately, from a psychological buyers’ standpoint, these ratings and reviews actually really matter.” —@daniellemin (highlight to tweet)

“If you can’t trust one of these things, can you really trust any of it? I think that’s a question we’re starting to see addressed.” —@daniellemin

“Don’t panic because a bad review is not necessarily going to take your business down.” —@daniellemin (highlight to tweet)

“A review without a counterpoint becomes true.” —@jaybaer (highlight to tweet)

“Stop what you’re doing, drop the attitude or the ego or the emotion, and roll with the punches.” —@daniellemin


Daniel Lemin on Twitter and Instagram
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The Big Two:Daniel Lemin

What’s your one tip for becoming a social pro?

The key to success in social media, according to Daniel, is to embrace intellectual curiosity and keep that “test and refine” methodology. As a social pro, you have to be a master of many things if you want to be effective and the key to mastery is remaining curious about everything.

If you could do a Skype call with any living person, who would it be?

Terry Gross from NPR’s Fresh Air is such a compelling character. She has interviewed so many people that Daniel would love to turn the tables and interview her. She’s a master of storytelling that is unique in our era which would make for a fascinating conversation.

See you next week!


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