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Are You Ready to Listen Differently in Social Media

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My new book is called Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers (amazing bonuses worth thousands of dollars if you order here).

Put simply, the Hug Your Haters formula is to answer every complaint, in every channel, every time. This is in sharp contrast to what most companies do, which is to answer some complaints, some of the time, in the channels the companies prefer.

But more and more companies are embracing the opportunity that customer interactions – especially in social media – present. When you answer customers right away in social, in can blow their minds and win their hearts. 

One of the obstacles faced by companies that are trying to be more responsive in social and treat it like a first-tier customer support channel is that customers don’t always make their needs obviously known. If someone calls, the phone rings. If they email, it shows up in the inbox. But if they tweet or leave a Facebook comment, will you even see it?

Customers are Passive-Aggressive in Social Media

Online customer service software company Conversocial partnered with New York University on research that found that more than one-third of all tweets to companies were about customer service issues, but that only three percent incorporated the company‘s Twitter username with the @ symbol. They are tweeting ABOUT you, but not AT you.

This is even true with social posts when location services are turned on. Geofeedia research found that 74% of location-tagged posts don’t include a keyword or hashtag. So how are you supposed to find those customers and answer …

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