Originally at https://searchenginewatch.com/2016/03/16/blenheim-chalcot-acquires-analytics-firm-ijento/

Last week, Blenheim Chalcot announced the acquisition of customer journey analytics firm iJento.

I’ve been talking to Jonathan Attwood, CEO of fospha and iJento, about the tools and the thinking behind the acquisition.

What’s the reason for the acquisition of ijento? 

Blenheim Chalcot has hosted iJento’s clients in the UK and US for many years and is excited about the opportunity their technology and team delivers for organisations.  

So much so that they  acquired the business and have put their venture building track record, funding and client footprint to work developing iJento’s core sectors of customer journey optimisation and marketing analytics and extending its capability to analyse fraudulent and malicious behaviour.  

We are also adding our machine learning tech iJento.

Can you tell me a little about what ijento does?

iJento is built to help organisations understand today’s connected customer, whose buying journey is complex and cuts across multiple channels.  

Beyond page clicks and views, iJento enables you to capture, analyse, predict and shape customer behaviour.  Letting you take the right action at the right time to increase customer value across all touch points: web, mobile, social and offline.


iJento allows you to easily bring together all your customer data into a single location.  Centralising multi-device, multichannel data.  

Creating a single customer view and stitching multi-device activity.  It builds powerful customer profiles and transforms customer data into actionable insight that can be used to reduce advertising spend, increase sales and improve customer e…

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