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A blog can still take you to the top. If you do it right.

Everyone loves free information. And free information reels in customers. That’s why blogging is one of the best ways to do content marketing. How else are you going to bombard customers with a steady stream of content without scaring them away?

According to Neil Patel, “Companies with blogs typically receive 97% more leads than companies without blogs.” Customers might ignore your ad, but your blog? That’s something they want to read. Blogging creates a human side to your website or company or organization.

And blogging is most definitely a way to keep your face in front of current and potential customers.

Use WordPress

Matt Cutts, SEO guru and chief spam buster at Google, has said that WordPress is the best platform for optimized blogging. He uses it himself.

WordPress is easy. It’s free. And it handles search engine optimization like a pro.

It solves 80-90% of your SEO problems. And that’s saying a lot, because SEO is a many-faceted thing.

WordPress has a permalink setting that you can set to Post Name so that when you write a blog, it will be www.coolblog.com/dog-collar-fashion-trends instead of www.coolblog.com/?=123. Guess which one the Google robot is going to like the best?

It also has plugins for almost everything. Some SEO must-haves are a sitemap generator, a webmaster toolkit, and a meta/SEO tool.


A sitemap will make it easier for search engines to find all your pages and posts, which will help you move up in search results. The webmaster tools will help you spot problem areas with your site. And the meta/SEO tools will make it easy for you to keep your site optimized for more exposure to the masses.

What’s more,…

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